Hi, welcome to my website. I like to invite you to share my research on the interesting history of the Nendel family. The name Nendel (also Nandell, Nandel, Nendell, Nendal, Nentel or Nendels) is of germanic origin and comparably rare to find in the world. The meaning behind the name and how the name developed from earlier forms I have compiled in the chapter on the Roots of the family. Apart from few exceptions family members today mainly appear in Germany (Saxony and Franconia) in the United States of America and in the Netherlands. How they travelled to these places and how the families finally developed there is the main focus of my research.

Your surname is Nendel or you have Nendel ancestors? Well, go ahead, there is plenty of space on this site. Here, for example, you`ll find my ancestors.

This site was originally developed for German genealogists, so you might encounter sites that are not yet translated into English. Sorry for this. Please, don`t hesitate to consult me for anything you like to know!

Have fun surfin`!

Yours Claas Nendel