The Nendel chronicle

770-781 A Nendilo testifies to a donation by Count Machelmus to the Cathedral of St. Stephen in Passau.
784 A friar Nendilo is found in the fraternisation book of the St. Peter monastery in Salzburg.
796 A servant Nendilo is mentioned in the donation of Winithar to the monastery of Sankt Gallen.
864 The labourer Nendilo works on a farm near Perga (Bergen, south of Eichstädt).
972 The village "Nendelin Uraha" near Bamberg is mentioned.
11. century The franconian settlement area upon the river Main is expanded eastwards. The family members of a man called Nentel clear a forest area northeast of Bayreuth - Nenntmannsreuth was founded.
1156 - 1162 Below the Ore Mountains villages were founded along the Flöha valley to support the castle of Schellenburg. Franconian and Thuringian settlers build amongst others the village of Lupoldisdorf (Leubsdorf). Presumably, one of the settlers was a Frank called Nendel or Nentel.
1398 Heinrich Nentel owns two farms in Trebgast und Laineck (neighbouring villages east of Bayreuth).
1421 Hans Nentel runs a farm in Mistelbach (southwest of Bayreuth). Cuntz Nentel works for his landlord in Ramsental (north of Bayreuth). Heinrich Nentel is again feoffed with his property in Trebgast.
1446 Hermann Nentel is taverner in Bayreuth.
1497 Nentel families live in the upper Franconian villages Trebgast, Geyersnest, Euben, Bindlach, Berneck and Mistelgau.
1501 First mention of the Nendel family as farm owners in Leubsdorf (Saxony)
1527 September 17th Jacob Nendel was given the fiefdom for the judgeship in Kirchbach near Frankenstein by Duke Georg, including 3 virgata.
1550 In the Flöha valley seven Nendel families are recorded.
1650 The Nendels of Frankenstein run six mills in the area.
1733 Johann Heinrich Nendel takes over the administration of Watzdorf Castle at Lichtenwalde. Christoph Heinrich Graf von Watzdorf was cabinet minister under August the Strong of Saxony.
Christian Friedrich Nendel has to sell Nendel's Mill on Gückelsberg near Flöha. The watermill has been family-owned for 120 years.
1819 Johann Gottlieb Nendel of Görlitz publishes the adress book of the prussian Oberlausitz.
1830 Mrs. Nendel causes the Tailor's riot in Görlitz when she started a sewing business with seven female apprentices.
1830 The miner Carl August Nendel of Leubsdorf chisels the Bergmännel, a memorial stone to Martin Luther, beside the way to Langenau.
1831 In Chemnitz, Carl August Nendel produces mechanised looms according to the prototype presented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in Lyon, France.
1851 The first Nendels emigrate to America.
1887 With August Friedrich the last Nendel perishes after more than 400 years on „Nendel's Farm“ in Leubsdorf. However, the farm stays in the family, as well as two other farm-steads.
1890 Julius, Will and Fred Nendel constructed Fort Nendel at Wolf Creek, Nebraska, against Lakota indians. The Fort Nendel families were earwhithnesses of the Wounded Knee massacre in December.
1904 Master builder Carl Johannes Nendel constructs the Sendig houses above Bad Schandau on Elbe.
1920 Fritz Nendel' drugstore opens on the Kaßberg in Chemnitz.
1925 With the death of Johann Friedrich Nendel, Nendel's cartwright workshop in Siebenlehn closes down after more than 200 years.
1926 Ezra Nendell is flight instructor for Charles Lindbergh at Brooks Field, Texas. Shortly after Lindbergh manages history's first solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by plane.
1949 The book „Spreu im Wind“ ("chaff in the wind") of Fritz Nendel is published by H.M. Hieronimi in Bonn. „One of the most impressing prose texts dealing with flight and expulsion“ (Dr. Axel Dornemann, Sachsenheim, 2006)
1980 With the death of Friedrich August Nendel, the Nendel line ceases to exist in Leubsdorf after almost 500 years.
1985 Karl Nendel is appointed commissioner for high technology to the GDR government.
1992 Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nendel is appointed to the professorship of Conveying Engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology.
1998 600th anniversary of the Nendel family
2020 Dr. Claas Nendel is appointed to the professorship of Landscape Systems Analysis at the University of Potsdam.

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